Cim Vocabulary - Inventory Management

Topics: Quality control, Production and manufacturing, Management Pages: 3 (557 words) Published: March 29, 2012
Quality: In technical usage quality can have 2 meanings: (1) The characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs and (2) A product or service free of deficiencies. [Page 55]

Quality issues in manufacturing: Performance, Features, Reliability, Conformance, Durability, Serviceability, aesthetics, Safety. [Page 56]

Quality of Conformance: Once the product design has been determined, the producer perceives quality to be how effectively the production process is able to conform to the specifications required by the design referred to as the Quality of Conformance. What this means is quality during production focuses on making sure that production meets the specifications required by the design. [Page 58]

Deming & Process Improvement: Deming’s approach to quality management advocated continuous improvement of the production process to achieve conformance to specifications and reduce variability. He identified two primary sources of process improvement: eliminating common causes of quality problems, such as poor product design and insufficient employee training, and eliminating special causes, such as specific equipment or an operator. Deming emphasized the use of statistical quality control techniques to reduce variability in the production process. [Page 60]

TQM: [Page 67]

Quality relationships with suppliers: A partnership exists between the supplier and its customer wherein the supplier is expected to manage its own quality effectively so that the company it supplies can count on the quality of materials, parts and services it receives. [Page 68]

Quality management process: (QMS) A system to achieve customer satisfaction that complements other company systems. [Page 67]

Product yield & Productivity: Product yield is a measure of output used as an indicator of productivity. [Page 88] Productivity is a measure of company’s effectiveness in converting inputs into outputs....
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