Christmas with the Underprivilige

Topics: Christmas, Christmas tree, Washington Irving Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Short Story by: Edwin T. Ramirez Jr.
Subject: Arts & Appreciation
Christmas with the Underprivilege
Once upon a time, theres a 7 years old cute little girl, named Emily who had a good and rich parents named John, his Father and Michelle, her mother. Emily is spoiled and doing all what she likes, no matter what, its good or bad. Emily is a 1st grader on the school of St. Monique Montessori on her neighborhood she lived in. Emily is a bully student on her classroom. There are times that the parents of Emily is called on the Guidance Counselor office for the complaint of her fellow classmates of bullying. Her playmates are avoiding her on the playground. Emily had no friends on her neighborhood because of her attitude problems. Even her nursemaid did not lasts for Emily and just quit for the rebellious of this child. One night, John and Michelle are so worried about their little girl Emily, about the attitude of their child. This problems are discussed by John and Michelle sometimes on night, before they sleep, while Emily is on her own room.

On the 1st day of December, the Christmas spirit is everywhere. The nation and every families are all preparing for Christmas and gift giving. Every people are feeling the Christmas spirit and rejoicing including every child. The Christmas lanterns are everywhere. Christmas songs are playing cheerfully, and Santa Clauses are appearing and giving a smile to every child. But John and Michelle are keep on praying to God, for Emily to change her attitude and be a good girl. One night the couple had an idea, and decided to give a punishment to Emily, that they will not give the Christmas present of Emily if she won’t change her attitude and become a good girl. The next day, the couple tell to Emily the consequence if she will not change and continue her bad behavior. Emily is shocked and sad to hear it from her own parents.

On the 3rd day of December, theres a miraculous happened to Emily, that she is behaving good. Emily...
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