China's One Child Policy Annotated Bibliography

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  • Published : June 1, 2012
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Although china's one child policy may have successfully decreased its growth rate, it resulted in a large aging population, "black population" and gender imbalance.

"China's Abuse-a-Child Day; Kidnapping, Slaughter and Abandonment Is Communist Policy," The Washington Times (Washington, DC) 31 May 2011: B04, Questia, Web, 22 Apr. 2012.

The article talks about how every  year on June 1, China celebrates its beautiful children and how millions of children are abandoned every year. The article from the Washington times also stated that the policy is particularly lethal for girls as families feel the need to have sons to survive and maintain the family line. The article also stated many statistics about China's one child policy. 

The article is very useful as it provides statistics on the number of girls abandoned each year. It also talks about how boys are preferred  in the family to move on the family line. These statistics support my point that I'm trying to make on the fact that more boys are being produced than girls thus creating an imbalance. Hillary Rodham Clinton famously proclaimed that “Women’s Rights are Human Rights.” this point made by Hillary Will help me argued that children’s rights are human rights, too. But for many children in China, wrongs have stripped away life, security, education, families and comfort because they are counted as the black population. The issue of children's rights versus human rights give support to the fact that black population is increasing in China. 

"Boy-girl imbalance increasing in China." World Geography and Culture Online. Facts On File, Inc. 11 Jan. 2010. Web. 22 Apr. 2012. .

This article from facts on file talks about how boy girl imbalance increasing in China is affecting the Chinese life style. It states a study that shows that more than 24 million Chinese men reaching marriageable age in the next decade may not find a partner as boys' births have outnumbered girls'. Dr. Heskett stated that "nothing...
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