Children Have the Rights to Be Protected from Bullys

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  • Published : April 30, 2012
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“Children Have the Right to Be Protected from Bullying”

The author Ceil Than wrote an informative article called “Children Have the Right to Be Protected from Bullying”, giving parents and educators information on how to recognize and deal with bullying. The article mentions several tragedies that have been linked to bullying such as: school shootings, suicides, and accidental deaths due to fights. This article also gives us warning signs to show who is a victim and who is a bully and what to do if you encounter a situation that involves bullying. Victims typically have characteristics such as: not acceptable appearance, being overweight, of a different race, have disabilities, being nerdy or geeky and not part of the in crowd. Bullies tend to be the ones that name call, hit people, slander, intimidate and publically humiliate people. The warning signs for people suffering from bullying are: being withdrawn from activities they once enjoyed, depressed, stay home from school often from fear of going to school. The article suggest that if you recognize these signs in your child or student you should contact the school administrator and inform them of the situation and help them seek counseling for the bully and the victim. The author is trying to bring awareness to the public the cruelty and devastation that bullying causes and the everlasting effects it has on the victims and the bullies. The awareness is in hope that the school systems will put in place proper policies to handle bullying in such a way to prevent and rehabilitate the bullies and the abused. I believe the author wrote this article in a writing style to inform its readers.

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Than, Ceil “Children Have the Right to Be Protected from Bullying”. (2011) In At Issue. Do Children Have Rights? Detroit: Greenhaven Press Gale Opposing Viewpoints
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