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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Observation: Physical (fine Motor) Time: 12:30-3:00 Date: 5/12/12

|Time |Actions |Social group |Language |Task | |12:30 |T.C is sitting at table making a jigsaw picking up|T.C , C1,C2,C3,C4,C5 |T.C>C1 –you help me |Making Jigsaw | | |pieces using pincer grasp | |C1>T.C –Yeah | | | | | |C4>T.C – Me too | | |1: 00 |T.C eats dinner with spoon |T.C , G |none |Eating dinner | |1:30 |T.C helps draw head holding pencil using pincer |T.C , C1 |T.C > C1, C1- Look, Look |Drawing picture | | |grasp |T.C , C2 |C1> T.C –That’s lovely | | |1:45 -2:00 |T.C builds a tower with another child |T.C –C1 |T.C> C1 want to help |Free-play | | | | |C1>T.C -yup | | |2:15 |T.C helps change the page of book using pincer |T.C>G |Read That One |Story-time | | |grasp |T.C>A | | | |2:30 |T.C has Book of her own reading it and is changing|T.C, C1, C2, C3,C4,C5 |None |Storey-time | | |pages using her pincer grasp | | | | |3:00 |T.C picks her coats and zips it up using pincer |T.C > A |T.C> A- Bye |Home-time | | |grasp | | | |

Personal learning:

• Whilst doing this observation on T.C I learned how amazing it is that at such a young age a child can hold a pencil and attempt to draw with it.

• Also in this observation I learned that the more free-play that children get the more they develop their skills

• I also learned that at such a young age of two that a child with some help from another child can put together a jigsaw without adults help.


TC shows in this observation that she can use her pincer grasp very well as she is making jigsaws and is using a pencil. TC also shows that she can use her gramer grasp when she feeds herself with the spoon.

Recommendations for T.C:

I would recommend that the crèche could ask T.C to build something with the blocks or they could ask T.C to try drawing something on her own to challenge her so she can develop more.


Flood, E. (2010). Child Development for students in Ireland. Dublin: Gill&Macmillian

Physical development: Checklist – gross Motor. Date: 23/11/12 Time: 11:00- 11:30

| |Yes |No |Comment |Date | |Runs safely. Confidence, |(...
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