Child and Youth Studies Paradigms

Topics: Sociology, Truth, Marxism Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: March 19, 2013
First 3 paradigms that childhood is based on
Modernism | -Science and using scientific method, using rational thinking can provide answers in the world and within childhood.- believe you can be objective and detach yourself from your senses. - empiricist- you can understand the world through experiencing it (scientific method) & positivist- you believe through your research things can get better. - a way of thinking and a point in history- which is the enlightenment- (people shift the way they think of things- until that time people relied heavily on religion, during 16th-18th century trust and beliefs switched to science.)-science can lead us to universal truths (about childhood) , irrevocable truths. - science can progress society and progress the world through it.- goal is to improve the lives of children through science= how it relates to child and youth. | Critical theory| * think of old grumpy men criticizing everything- * always looking at things through an economic lens, very interested in how the economy, economic conditions exaggerates certain social inequalities- (youth, women, children, different races. ) * very critical of capitalism- believe its like a machine that perpetuates social inequalities. It has inherent qualities that perpetuate inequality. * It will natural create problems for people * Many critical theorist are Marxist- believe that capitalism should be ruined. * Base- (economic determines) all superstructure- (all work to keep the base strong). * Capitalism is the base, superstructure is everything else in that society that keep the base going strong (schools, government, laws)- all have qualities that mimic and strengthen capitalism-schools are a base of superstructure that support a capitalistic base because your taught to be good capitalistic workers. * Critical theorists- If capitalism promotes inequality, that means the superstructure also promotes inequality. Ideology- linked to critical theory- the...
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