Chesapeake by James A. Michener

Topics: Piracy, Religious Society of Friends, Ship Pages: 11 (4363 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Voyage Three: 1636

Timothy Turlock- a gross, ferret resembling thief, is sentenced for hanging, however, his mother cries and begs for a different punishment. The judge changes the sentence to seven years as an indenture in Virginia. He was sent from England, on Captain Barstowe’s boat, to the new world. At first he didn’t sell, but then sold cheap to a poor land owner, Simon Janney. Tim escaped from the Janney’s by hitting Simon over the head, he then escaped in one of the Janney’s boats. He lost the search party, and headed into the Chesapeake. He was then “committed to the Eastern Shore.”

The Marsh

Tim finds himself staying in a marsh, shortly after arriving he meets four white men who briefly teach him survival. Tim went to Jamestown to turn himself in, but he ended up at the Steeds. Mr. Steed passed away, it was his son, Henry and his mother, Mrs. Steed who he meets. They don’t turn him in based on Mrs. Steed’s word. For five days he stays there but then returns to ‘his’ marsh. It was now autumn. The Choptank Indians tell Timothy that they owned the marsh, and he needed to buy it from them. He did so by stealing guns and awes from the Steed plantation and trading it for the land. Henry knows Tim stole his things but can’t prove it because Tim can hide infinite things in his marsh that no one could find but him. Then Pentaquod’s tribe is threatened by hunters and Henry Steed wants to marry Pentaquod’s daughter. The Steeds are ‘king’s’ people and Catholics, which is a conflicting problem. The king is dead, and Henry goes to ask Turlock and his family (Tciblento and 2 boys) to come stay with him under his mother Steeds order. Father Ralph is attacked for being papist, and his church in burned down. After seeing this Tim Turlock says “to hell with Catholics,” and moves back to the marsh. Meanwhile, a new 26 year old run away servant starts staying with the Choptanks. Paul and Ralph Steed go to Jamestown to vacate Tim Turlock’s past (indenture and charges). Ralph reconnects with his conceited mother, Mrs. Maynard. Paul gets the written release for Turlock, and on the way back Ralph almost commits suicide. From there on Ralph serves as Catholic father to the Eastern Shore. Tim rejoices when he receives the written release of his charges and embraces his marsh. He doesn’t shoot animals inside the marsh. Jamestown and St. Mary’s City are pretty much replaced by Annapolis and Williamsburg as the new capitals of Maryland and Virginia. Clans start to nomadically live on old Patamoke land. Steed’s clear up tile with Jannay by paying him for written signature. Now Steeds were free of mortgages, loans, and debt. Jannay plans to buy and establish tobacco work at Rappahannock. Choptanks can’t convince white men they are different than ‘savage Indians’ and want no harm. Nanticokes constitute the killing of all Indians. All Indians are being killed “like squirrels”. Turlock and family are threatened because of their Indian ways in marsh. Tim finds out the country commissioners pay for wolves being killed. Time and sons hunt wolves and actually find the commissioners burial spot. They kill wolves, get paid, and go dig them back up and get paid again. One hunt they come across and Dutch tribe and steal a Swedish servant girl. Tim falls in love with her, Birgitta, and kicks out Tciblento. His one son, Stooby, was a smart, good hunter. Tim can get women “by lusting over women and allowing them to see it.” He ends up having six sons in total by Tciblento, Birgitta and three other indentures. He bought and married Birgetta. Tciblento is sad and alone. Stooby is in love with the water, fish, turtles, and boats. James Lamb had arrested Tim several times for theft and sleeping with his indentured servant girl, Nancy. Lambs want Nancy and Stooby to get together. Birgetta and Stooby enjoy a canoe trip together. Steeds find out Tciblento is dying from being hit in head by drunken hunter. She asks for Stooby, but Henry could only find...
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