Chemistry: A Questionnaire

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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1. Draw the one constitutional isomer that is missing from column 1 of Model 1. (2 points)
2. Draw ten skeletal representations constitutional isomers missing from column 2 in Model 1 as you can. (Hint: Other than cyclohexane, there are 11 ways to draw a six-carbon backbone that contains a ring. Plus there are isomers of cyclohexane that do not contain a ring.) (10 points)

3. Are any constitutional isomers missing from Column 3 in Model 1? A good way to answer this and similar questions is to start by drawing all possible carbon backbones. Then figure out how many different ways you can add the Br atom, or double bond. (3 points)

4. Draw as many constitutional isomers as you can with the formula C5H11F. (8 points)

5. Draw the structure of a six-carbon alkene (containing only C and H) with one ring and one double bond. (10 points) a. Draw a constitutional isomer of the structure you drew above with no rings. b. Explain the following statement found in many text books: “In terms of molecular formula, a ring is equivalent to a double bond.”

6. Draw a skeletal representation of Z-2-hexene and E-2-hexene. (4 points)

7. Draw 1-butene. Why does it not make sense to specify either Z or E 1-butene while you must specify Z or E 2-butene to draw the correct molecule? (3 points)

8. Label each double bond E (trans), Z (cis), or neither. (It may help to draw in critical H’s.) (4 points)

9. Label each double bond Z, E, or neither. (11 points)

a. For each structure draw one constitutional isomer and all possible configurational stereoisomers.

b. A “terminal” double bond is a double bond found at the end of a carbon chain (e.g., VIII and X). What generalization can you make about all “terminal” double bonds in terms of Z/E (or neither)?

c. What is the relationship between Compounds III and IV above?...
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