Chemistry Outline Ch. 8

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Chapter 8 Bonding: General Concepts
Types of Chemical Bonds
Bond energy refers to the energy that bonds hold with each other, it is tested by how much energy it takes to break the bond, whatever it takes to break, it takes to create and hold. Ionic Bonding is made between two oppositely charged ions come together to form a bond Ionic Compound is a nonmetal and a metal that bonds.

Bond Length is the minimal distance between the two atoms.
Covalent Bonding is when atoms “share” electrons in order for both of the outer shells are completed. Covalent Bonding is done by two or more nonmetals bonding with each other. Polar covalent bonds are done by more that one type of atom Electronegativity

Electronegativity is the ability of an atom in a molecule to attract shared electrons to itself. It depends on the bond energy of the two different atoms.
Bond Polarity and Dipole Movements
Dipolar is when a molecule has opposite poles on either side, due to the polar molecule. Depends on the geometry of the atom
If geometry is linear it has polar bonds but is not a polar molecule. Ions: Electron Configurations and Sizes
Ionic bonding is done in solid form, gas particles are too far apart to react as fast if two solids or liquids come into contact. Isoelectric ions are ions containing the same number of electrons. Energy Effects in Binary Ionic Compounds

Lattice energy is the change in energy that takes place when separated gaseous ions are packed together to form an ionic solid Split up the reactions and then add up the energies to get sum of energy it realeases. Partial Ionic Character of Covalent Bonds

There is no complete Ionic Bond
Any compound that conducts an electric when melted is considered Ionic.
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