Chemistry Lab Chemical and Physical Properties

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Lab # 4


To find out which of these substances will cause a physical or chemical change. To document the different physical and chemical changes. DATA
Substancename| Color | Odor | Effect Of heat | Cold H2O| Hot H2O| Litmus Strip | Dilute HCl| Dilute NaOH| Mg| Shinny SilverFlakes| None | Turned darker, less shinny| No change| No change| No change wet dot | Bubbled, steamed, same shape | None| Cu| CopperBe be | None | Turned shinier | No change| No change| No change wet dot| No change | None| Zn| Shinny Silver Pieces| None | Shinier & darker| No change| Less shinny | No change wet dot| Warm steam bubbles dull in color| None| MgO| Off- whitePowder | None | Little darker color| Turned water milky & slightly dissolved| Separated| Red turned blue, blue no change| Hot dissolved turned yellow| None | CuCO3| Light green powder | None | Turned to black powder| Turned water green stayed separate | Separated| No change wet dot| Bubbled dissolved turned bright green| Turn blue| Cu(NO3)2| Bright blue crystals| None | Turned turquoise & to a thick liquid| Water light blue, separate | Dissolved, blue water| Blue turned red, red no change| Turned green, stayed separate| None| NaCl| White crystals | None | No change | Stayed separate| Dissolved, water clear| Red no change, blue dark dot| No change separate| None |

I didn’t smell a difference in any except when heated or mixed with HCl. The best changes happened with the HCl, and hot water. It was interesting to see what changed with what and how. CALCULATIONS

The CuCO3 had the most changes with all the experiments. It was cool to see the chemical and physical changes. I saw color changes and solid to liquid changes. Only three had changes on the litmus paper. There was only one change with the dilute NaOH. The changes were...
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