Checklist for Persuasive Essay

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Grading Checklist for the Persuasive / Argumentative Essay
Refer to pages 257 - 272 (reading pack for SS 100)   LEVEL OF THOUGHT 25 %             ORGANIZATION 25 %        



Argumentative focus Thesis statement (using the although…however.. because…1,2,3 format – other formats may be used as long as the argumentative nature of the thesis is evident ) (essay map of the most imp points) Using your own logic and reasoning to prove your point & not relying solely on research Appropriately formulated claim Appropriate use of ethos, logos, pathos Relevant, detailed & varied support for the topic sentences & the thesis statement Appropriate use of logos, ethos & pathos Depth of development – addressing the audience’s anticipated questions Opposition & counter to the opposition Using research material to support your points (paraphrases + quotations) – restrict this to a minimum as this essay should be based on your own reasoning abilities. Integrating quotations & paraphrases within your own work Introductory paragraph (using 1 of the strategies – lead-in) ending with a thesis statement Essay map sequence to be followed in the essay when giving points for your side Topic sentences for all essay body paragraphs (each topic sentence = miniargument) Unity, relevance & coherence within paragraphs and between paragraphs Following one of the 3 patterns A, B or C * Do not end with the opposition & its counter but with YOUR-point-paragraph (a strong one) Conclusion (using one of the patterns + taking it a step further) No “I” perspective Style (writing effective sentences, features of academic writing, tone) Grammar Use of MLA for in-text referencing & the works cited page

Pattern A Intro .. (general subject area, focus, thesis) Body .. your point & support ..your point & support ..opposition’s 1st point & refutation ..oppositions 2nd point & refutation ..your point & support ....etc... Conclusion...
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