Characteristics of a Good Computer

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  • Published: November 11, 2012
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DATE ISSUED: 4TH /11/2012
DUE DATE: 11 /11/2012
ASSIGNMENT BRIEF: 1.Discuss the factors you would consider while buying a computer. 2.How has information networks solved the problems of an organization? GUIDE TO STUDENTS
1.Maximum 2 pages word processed excluding cover and reference pages. 2.Use Times New Roman
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5.For referencing purposes, use the Harvard Author-Date System. Instructions to Students
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QUESTION.1: Discuss factors you would consider while buying a computer.

According to Prof. More Manojkumar, (2009), various factors that would be considered when buying computers are discussed here bellow; 1. Processor Speed: A computer is a very fast device which can perform the amount of work that a human being can do in an entire year in few seconds. This therefore means that a good powerful computer should be capable of performing several billion arithmetic operations per second. The speed of a computer measure is in microseconds (10-6), Nanoseconds (10-9) and picoseconds (10-12).

2. Accuracy: The accuracy of a computer is principally highly considered; and the degree of accuracy of a particular computer depends upon its design however Errors can occur in a computer due to human rather than technological weaknesses.

3. Memory (Power of Remembering): A good Computer should have sound brain (Fast memory, 2 GB+) but unlike human (Man) beings. A computer can store data and information and recalled as long as one requires it for any numbers of years because of its secondary storage capability. This means data and information can be retrieved as long as desired by the user and can be recalled, as when required. The information recalled would be as accurate as on the day when it was fed to the computer.

4. Diligence: A good Computer should be diligent unlike human beings. This means that a computer should be free from dullness and lack of concentration. It can continuously work for hours without creating any error human beings in doing regular types of jobs, which requires great accuracy. Computer can perform the number of calculation with exactly the same accuracy and speed as the first one.

5. Versatility: Versatility is a most important characteristic which a good computer should have hence the capacity to perform completely different type of work. For example one may use a computer to prepare payroll slips where there is a lot of veracity, may be used for inventory management or to prepare electric bills. A good computer should therefore be capable of performing almost any task, if the task can be reduced to series of logical steps.

6. Automation: Good Computers should be automatic electronic machines however; computer being machines can not start themselves without human interventions. They cannot go out to find their own problems and solutions because they have to be instructed. Hence the automation eases the operation of the user.

7. Communication/ Connectivity: Most computers today have the capability of communicating with other computers. We can connect two or more computers by a communication device such as modem. These computers can share data, instructions, and information. The connected computer are called network.

8. No Feelings: Good Computers should have no feelings, no emotions like human heart and soul since they are machines. Computers cannot make such judgments on their own because their judgment is based on the instructions given to them in form of programs that are written by us. 9....
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