Character Analysis Tub Hunters in the Snow

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Character Analysis
Hunters In The Snow – Tub

Tub from the short story Hunters In The Snow is physically how his name makes him sound. He is short and fat. In the story, Kenny describes his appearance as looking like “A beach ball with a hat on”. That statement shows that he is short and round, and not just allover huge. The beginning of the story also tells how he is overweight by telling about multiple sandwiches and cookies that he kept hidden in his pockets for the hunting trip, showing that he eats a lot. He is also out of shape, because while he, Frank and Kenny are walking through the snow, he falls behind pretty quickly because he runs out of breath. Tub is not very intelligent. He's a follower, and he is the character in the story that the other characters mess with, mainly Kenny. Tub basically just went along with anything Frank told him because he didn't really think much for himself. In the beginning of the story is the first time Kenny messes with Tub, pretending he is going to run him over with the truck. Tub tries to yell at Kenny, but as soon as Frank tells them to stop Tub has nothing more to say. Kenny and Frank also don't help Tub while going through fences, they could have held them for him but instead let him do it all himself as he fell behind. Tub does care what Frank and Kenny think of him. That shows when he is hiding his food from them, and pretending he is on a diet. When they call him fat, he gets angry and says he's trying but it's not his fault. He doesn't want them to think he can't keep a diet. Tub has a better relationship with Frank than he does with Kenny. He doesn't always understand Kenny's jokes. That shows when Kenny says he hates Tub and Tub shoots him, thinking he was about to get shot. Tub's relationship with Frank was also a longer one, and probably before Kenny ever was around. Tub tells Frank how he use to stick up for him, and it seems like it has stopped since Kenny was around. After Kenny is shot, Frank and...
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