Character Analysis the Castel

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The castle character chart English

Darryl is tough,

"That man has principals" sal respects darryl

Darryl Kerrigan
body language
- assertive when challenging/defending family, towers over messenger person, serious face,slightly hunched shoulders. Hand gestures
Tense and aggressive when Threatened
At dinner table relaxed, proud and dressed to nines
After court defeat played with food and slightly saddened

"You're dreamin'/ tell'en his dreamin' " has a mild and casual tone, saying used when discussing trading post with Steve. -"...not a house it's a home...a mans home is his castle" when launching in to speech about a house being a home darryl kerrigan's tone of voice is fierce, passionate and slightly aggressive when talking to the judge of the federal court and when with Lawrence hammill. "Compulsorily acquired.." Darryl's voice is full of disbelief and defeat his posture shows that he is confused and worried -"...the law of bloodly common sense" while presenting his case to the federal court his tone of voice indicates that he is frustrated and tired with trying to reason with the judge.

Sal Kerrigan
Sal is often seen in colourfully eye popping colours a scene that shows this is when she is being introduced and when at dinner. -On formal occasions such as Tracy's wedding sal wears a blue spangled dress and a hat or something When relaxing or on cold days sal is seen in a pair of track pants and top which are grey or pink. -along with the colourful jumper she also wears simple skirts or patterned ones Wooly pyjamas

Knitted sweaters and colourful clothing

Mise en scene
Sal is not presented in many scenes but when she is, she is mostly shot with mid shots or close ups in the kitchen reflects working class status Bonnie down midshots

Body language
Sal's body language states that she is a supportive character usually seen consoling her husband darryl kerrigan with an arm over his shoulder....
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