Character Analysis: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Josh Jaszcz
Extra credit Assignment: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Chief Bromden: 1.) Believed to be deaf and mute
2.) None of the characters really pay attention to him
3.) He ends up being completely sane and starts speaking with Mcmurphy 4.) Mcmurphy got him to open up and he ends up branching out and becomes an actual person who cherishes things

McMurphy: 1.) Believed to be insane due to his disorderly conduct 2.) Obnoxious and loud. Smart ass
3.) At first other characters are afraid of Mcmurphy but then they all start to follow him and take him on as their leader. Once he stopped being so selfish and actually started trying to help others in the ward. 4.) Shock Therapy was his treatment and it was not at all successful. He ended up becoming a vegetable after the doctors gave him a lobotomy.

Harding: 1.) Sexual identity problem
2.) Constantly talking about his wife and Nurse Radchet would always bring up his wife. 3.) Other occupants would constantly make fun of Harding for acting so feminine and always bringing up his wife in discussion. 4.) Discussion circles were his only source of treatment but they did not help because it just brought out his feminine side more I feel.

Billy Bibbet: 1.) Incapable of any healthy relationships due to his over controlling mother 2.) He is always so nervous of others around him he stutters and is afraid to get attached to people 3.) He was friends with practically all the occupants inside the ward. 4.) Discussion circles were also his only way of treatment but he couldn’t benefit from them either because the nurse would always bring up things that upset him and then said she would tell his mom what he was up to.

I think it’s funny that none of the characters in the movie really had mental disorders per say. What the film really did was just try to investigate what is insanity when you don’t conform to society? Ironically I feel that the film did the opposite and showed it was...
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