Character Analysis Mr.Marks

Topics: Religion, Romania, Judaism Pages: 3 (690 words) Published: November 18, 2012
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Actor’s Name: Philip John
Play: Intimate Apparel by Lynn Nottage
Character: Mr. Marks

Physical Traits

Mr. Marks is a Romanian Orthodox Jewish male immigrant. Age
Mr. Marks is in his thirties
Mr. Marks has somewhat of a fear of being left alone, he panics when he sees a loyal customer go to another person for fabric and turns to alcohol (tonic) for comfort. Clothing
Mr. Marks always wears a black suit with a missing button. He wears it because of religious beliefs, it reminds him that every day he lives for God and his ancestors. General Appearance
Mr. Marks is a mix of everything he is somewhat sloppy and unorganized because he rolled right out of bed when Esther walked in and left his bedroll right there (he most likely didn’t get a chance to brush his teeth), he is also looks kind of formal since he always has a black suit on due to religious reasons but it also is missing a button that he refuses to fix for the longest time

Mr. Marks quickly removes his hands away from Esther because it is against his religion to have physical contact with a woman who is unrelated or not married to him

Social Traits

Mr. Marks is a part of the working middle class because he is a fabric dealer and so he has enough money to run that but he also gets really worried when he hasn’t seen Miss Mills fearing she had went to his competitor. Occupation

Mr. Marks is a fabric dealer and seems very passionate about it. He is always very excited to show Esther his collection and offers only the finest fabrics. Finances
Along with class, I think that Mr. Marks lives a comfortable life nothing over the top but enough to be financially stable without having to worry about sleeping in a shoebox. Home Life
Mr. Marks lives by himself but is engaged to a woman who resides in Romania and has never met her Intelligence
Mr. Marks is very religious and knowledgeable within his profession of...
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