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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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Characters – The Story of Tom Brennan
Using the information about the other characters given to you by the other groups fill in the boxes below, include: * Adjectives to describe their personal (how they act, what they’re like) and physical characteristics (what they look like) * How they deal with the crash & do they blame themselves for the crash? How? (Include a quote from the novel to illustrate this and explain why this quote is appropriate) * Outline how they have grown or changed throughout the novel (Include a second quote from the novel to illustrate this and explain why this quote is appropriate)

Tom BrennanBefore: determined, strong, horny, talented, and athletic. How he dealt with it: Tom blames himself at the start but learns to accept that it was not his fault. He soon sees that he could never have stopped Daniel from getting in the car.“Tomorrow? I felt my heart slip to the ground… there would be a tomorrow… the world went on, regardless of how I felt”.It shows how Tom is struggling to get through the days and just when it gets better he remembers how crap his life is.Tom changes hugely throughout the book, he works hard to improve his life and become happy again even when he wants to give up.“I just wish I was starting to feel a bit better” “You will, I know you will”. “Really?” “Yeah”. “Do you?” “Yeah” I answered. “It’s slow but I can see ahead now, if you know what I mean?” “Like?” “Like life being okay again.” I squeezed her hand.Shows how Tom starts to live again.| Daniel BrennanBefore accident: arrogant, Sentenced to 3 years in jail. Blames himself, ashamed of what he has done. He has plenty of time to think about what his done. Daniel improves at the end. Reckless at times. Doesn’t deal with the crash that well because he blames himself for what happened at the beginning. He has a mentor that helps him deal with the accident and then Daniel begins to help someone else.“Daniel was an accident waiting to happen, just shame that...
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