Chapter 7 Persuasive Speeches Notes

Topics: Audience, Audience theory, Performance Pages: 3 (696 words) Published: September 9, 2012
Chap 1. Purpose for persuasive strategies
a. To strengthen commitment
i. Move readers further along the scale in the direction they were already headed ii. Listeners may vaguely remember these arguments but had not considered them carefully iii. Very common approach

b. To weaken commitment
iv. Moving listeners closer to the middle of the scale v. Hostile Audience: An audience this is strongly committed in opposition to the views of the speaker 1. They have strong commitments that re opposed to the speakers view. vi. Speaker is not asking the audience to abandon ideas completely vii. Want to make them less sure and make them willing to consider exceptions c. Change the listens mind

viii. Conversion: Abandoning one belief or value and replacing it with another ix. Alter listener’s beliefs
x. Rarely happens wit a single speech
d. Inducing a specific action
xi. Move listeners from a strong belief to approval of a specific action 2. Plan your strategy
e. Determine your target audience
xii. Target audience: with a larger audience , those individuals whom the speaker especially wants to address, usually people whose response will determine whether the speech succeeds. f. Assess your audience’s motivation

xiii. Motivation: the incentive to do something that requires effort 2. Ex: considering a persuasive speech
g. Determine you purpose
3. Constraints on Effectiveness Persuasive Speaking
h. Selective Listening
xiv. Seeking out and paying attention to messages with which you agree. i. Selective Perception
xv. Audiences may selectively perceive and respond to the message in still other ways that result in not being persuaded. By denial, dismissal, belittling the source, compartmentalization. xvi. Denial: simply will not accept...
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