Chapter 4 Classical Civilizations Ap World History

Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece Pages: 3 (1001 words) Published: September 10, 2012
1700 Indo- European invasion of Greek peninsula
1400 Kingdom of Mycenae; Trojan War.
800-600 Rise of Greek city- states; Athens and Sparta become dominant. c.700 Homerian epics Iliad Odyssey; flowering of Greek architecture. 550 Cyrus the Great forms Persian Empire.
509 Beginnings of Roman republic.
470-430 Athens at its height: Pericles, Phidias, Sophocles, Socrates. 450 Twelve Tables of Law
431-404 Peloponnesian Wars.
359-336 Phillip II of Macedonia
338-323 Macedonian Empire, Alexander the Great.
300-100 Hellenistic period.
264-146 Rome’s Punic Wars.
49 Julius Caesar becomes dictator, assassinated in 44.
27 Augustus Caesar seizes power; rise of Roman Empire.
C. 4 Birth of Jesus
c.30 Crucifixion of Jesus
63 Forced dissolution of independent Jewish state by Romans. 101-106 Greatest spread of Roman territory.
180 Death of Marcus Aurelius; beginning of decline of Roman Empire. 313 Constantine adopts chritianity
476 Fall of Rome.
The Persian Tradition: Rome emerged as a separate republic but strongly influenced by Greece. Roman expansion led to a decline of republican forms and the rise of a great empire. Cyrus the Great established a massive Persian Empire across the northern Middle East and into northwestern India; developed a new religion Zoroastrinism. Greek –educated conqueror Alexander the Great, The Sassanid emerged again during Rome’s imperial centuries. Patterns of Greek and Roman History: Greek values spread widely in the ensuing Hellenistic period. By the time Hellenism declined, Rome was emerging as an expansionist republic, later becoming the Roman Empire. Greek rise and decline, Hellenism, Roman republic, Roman Empire. Greece: The island of Crete, showed the results of Egyptian influence, were later able develop a taste for monumental architecture. The Greeks themselves were an Indo- European people. This was the kingdom later memorialized in Homer’s epics abou the Trojan War. Greece was based on the creation of strong city states,...
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