Chapter 33 – Early 20th Century

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Chapter 33 – Early 20th Century

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____1.Throughout history, artists have regularly served political ends by using their art to make visual statements. Which of the following artists has created an overtly political statement with his/her work? |a. |Dorothea Lange | |b. |John Sloan | |c. |Wassily Kandinsky | |d. |Barbara Hepworth |

____2.Which of the following artists created large-scale, kinetic sculptures? |a. |Henry Moore | |b. |Brancusi | |c. |Alexander Calder | |d. |Boccioni |

____3.What message did Vera Mukhina convey in her work entitled The Worker and the Collective Farm Worker? |a. |She conveyed the horror of war | |b. |She glorified the communal labor of the Soviet people | |c. |She glorified urban lifestyles | |d. |She showed motion through dynamic line |

____4.Which of the following artists developed the theory of neoplasticism or the new pure plastic art? |a. |Picasso | |b. |Chagall | |c. |Mondrian | |d. |Marc |

____5.Which of the following works of art was melted down for ammunition by the Nazis in 1937? |a. |War Monument | |b. |Bird in Space | |c. |Unique Forms of Continuity in Space | |d. |Column |

____6.Which of the following artists created a modern American art style combining Synthetic Cubism with jazz tempos and his perception of the fast-paced American culture? |a. |Marsden Hartley | |b. |Charles Demuth | |c. |Georgia O'Keeffe | |d. |Stuart Davis...
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