Chapter 27 Summary

Topics: Franklin D. Roosevelt, New Deal, World War II Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Kristen Alberty
Mr. Pfeiffer
APUSH, hour 1
7 April 2013
Chapter Summary: Chapter 27
I.Chapter 27, “The New Deal: 1933-1941,” discusses the United States during the years of the Depression and President Roosevelt’s response with the New Deal. During the New Deal, Congress passed a multitude of new laws and created new administrations to try to combat the effects of the Depression. The chapter talks about how the New Deal affected a variety of groups, including women, blacks, Native Americans, and the elderly. Eventually, the Depression was ended by the outbreak of World War II in Europe, which Roosevelt originally meant to deal with by isolationism. II.Today, the nation is in the same spot it was in during the Depression in some ways today. Primarily, the national debt has become such a consuming issue that it has created a panic similar to the worry people experienced during the Depression. There have also been debates over Social Security recently, as many of the Baby Boomer generation has been retiring and there are not enough funds to keep Social Security running in the same way it has been, as there were debates over who should get compensation with Social Security when it was first founded in 1933. III.• Constitutionality of New Deal agencies (AAA, NIRA, and NRA were declared unconstitutional) • The height of the Depression (it reached its worst point in 1933) • Court-packing issues

• The outbreak of World War II in Europe
• Isolationism and the cash-and-carry policy agreed upon with Britain IV.*President Franklin D. Roosevelt was the creator of the New Deal and the driving force behind the recovery attempts during the Depression. Eleanor Roosevelt was FDR’s wife and led The Network, which searched for forward-minded women to place in government jobs. Father Charles Coughlin, Doctor Francis Townsend, and Huey Long were extremists opposed to the New Deal. Harry Hopkins led the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, and later was appointed to...
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