Chapter 2 American Pageant Notes

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, Slavery, United States Pages: 4 (1025 words) Published: April 30, 2013
* The first reason that led to English colonization in the Americas was the growing ________.| population| * Another reason that led to English colonization was ________ depression.| economic| * The economic depression in England in part was caused by the _______ acts which allowed land owners to fence in open fields surrounding peasants villages to allow their sheep to graze.| enclosure| * Another reason for the colonization by the English in America was _________. These were laws which required that estates be passed on to the eldest son.| primogeniture| * The First Powhatan War happened during the years _____ _ ______.| 1611 to 1614| * The profitable _______ trade intensified the settlers lust for land.| tobacco| * The settlers wanted the fields of the Indians because they had already been cleared and were ready to be planted. This was what sparked the First ________ War.| Powhatan| * In 1614, the peace settlement in the First Anglo Powhatan War resulted in the marriage between John _____ and Pocahontas.| Rolfe| * The saving grace of the Jamestown colony was ________.| tobacco| * The true end to the First Powhatan War was John Rolfe's ________.| marriage| * In 1622, a surprise attack on the English settlers by the Powhatan allowed for the English to fight back, seizing the land and food of the Indians. By 1685, the English considered the Powhatan _______.| extinct| * Unlike Indians in the South which the Spaniards used to work on mines and plantations, the Powhatan's served no _______ function for Virginia colonists.| economic| * Jamestown was in the state of ________.| Virginia|

* The first legislature anywhere in the English colonies in America first met on July 30, ______ at a church in Jamestown, VA.| 1619| * The first legislature anywhere in the English colonies in America was known as the _______ ___ ______.| House of Burgesses| * The first order of...
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