Chapter 19 Cause and Effect Diagrams Pg 319

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Chapter 19 Cause and Effect Diagrams pg 319

1.what is fishbone diagram?
A fishbone diagram is an analysis tool that depicts the possible cause that contribute to a single effect.

2. How would you describe a web a causation?
A web causation is described as exploring cause and effect. The outcomes are almost the result of many interrelated causes and rarely the result of a single cause. Graphically depicted this concept more closely resembles a spider's web than a simplistic cause and effect diagram.

3.What are the benefits of using cause and effect diagram as an improvement tool? The cause and effect diagram provides a straight forward way to translate a web of interaction into an easy-to-construct and easy-to-understand- visual display that helps people get people get started with designing and testing changes for improvement. The diagram is animprtant scientific tool used to identify and clarify the cause of an effect of an interest. The diagram can also stimulate the formulation of hunches worth empirically testing, using plan-do-study act. The diagram can help the team answers the questions of where to begin the process of improvement.

4.What is a common structure used to draw cause and effect diagram? The diagram looks similar to a fish consisting of a spine and attached bones. The big bones attached directly to the spine represent major categories of causation.Some examples of commonly used major categories are process, equipment, materials,people, and environment.

5.How do you make a fishbone diagram when you are in an improvement team? When the lead improvement team members construct fishbone diagrams, it allows them to build a visual theory about potential causes and effects that can be used to guide improvement work.

6.How might you engage all members of your microsystems in creating and refining a fishbone diagram? First I would review the specific aim that you want to work on. Then I would...
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