Chapter 15 Notes

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Chapter 15
1. There are no structural psychologists left in the United States. However, structural psychology was a success because it: a. discovered the phi phenomenon which shows that mentality has the job of trying to interpret reality from sensory inputs

b. None of the choices are correct
c. discovered mental elements that compose consciousness
d. helped to establish psychology as an independent science e. was able to perfect the method of introspection as a means to explore the nature of consciousness

2. The imperative that “psychology must discard all references to consciousness” was the command of:
a. Dewey
b. Angell
c. Skinner
d. Seligman
e. Watson

3. Tolman’s contribution to the decline of S-R psychology was the:
a. concept of habit strength
b. concept of cognitive maps
c. Gestalt principles of organization
d. work on eyelid conditioning
e. concept of self-efficacy

4. Both Miller and Neisser were once behaviorists because of their:
a. undergraduate work at Yale University
b. None of the choices are correct
c. graduate work at Harvard, which left them no choice
d. undergraduate work at Cornell, which left them no choice
e. undergraduate work with Hull at the University of Iowa

5. By 1976, Neisser concluded that cognitive psychology:
a. was distorted by the research in real-life settings
b. was the dominant school in psychology
c. had little to contribute to psychology
d. was being supplanted by the information processing model
e. had reached Kuhn’s paradigm stage

6. The principle purpose of the Turing Test is to determine if:
a. computers can translate Chinese into English
b. a grand tour of Europe is necessary
c. a questioner can distinguish a computer from a human
d. computers can calculate mathematical problems
e. people are as smart as computers

7. The inclusion of cognitive factors in the theories of _______ altered American behaviorism
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