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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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New marketing communications landscape:
* Factors changing the landscape:
* consumers are changing
* they can use the Internet and other technologies to seek out information on their own * easily connect with other consumers to exchange brand-related information or even to create their own marketing messages. * marketing strategies are changing

* developing focused marketing programs designed to build closer relationships with customers in more narrowly defined micromarkets * improvements in information technology
* amass detailed customer information, keep closer track of customer needs, and tailor their offerings to narrowly target groups. * changes in communications technology
* new information and communication tools—from cell phones and iPods to satellite and cable television systems to the many faces of the Internet * technologies give companies exciting new media for interacting with targeted consumers * consumers more control over the nature and timing of messages they choose to send and receive * The Shifting Marketing Communications Model:

* Changes in comm. And relationship btwn. Marketer and consumer means new communication model * Advertisers are now adding a broad selection of more-specialized and highly targeted media to reach smaller customer segments with more-personalized, interactive messages. * specialty magazines, cable television channels, and video on demand (VOD) to Internet catalogs, e-mail, podcasts, cell phones, and online social networks * less broadcast, more narrow cast

* “chaos scenario,” in which the old mass-media communications model will collapse entirely * Marketers will increasingly abandon traditional mass media in favor of new digital technologies. Help get exactly what they want * away from network television in favor of more...
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