Chapter 14 Outline for Apush

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  • Published : October 21, 2012
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The Rise of a Mass Democracy

The Corrupt Bargain of 1824
• Four people were to be in the election of 1824. Jackson, Adams, Clay, and Crawford. • Clay was not picked but he voted for Adams because they made a deal that if Adams president Clay would be secretary of state.

A Yankee Misfit in the White House
• Adams was a strong nationalist he wasn’t against the idea of building roads and canals.

Going “ Whole Hog” for Jackson in 1828
• two parties were created before the election one was National Republican- Adams , Clay and the other Democratic-Republican- Jackson. • Jackson is elected president after defeating Adams

“Old Hickory” as President
• Jackson as first president without a college education and born in the west.

The Tricky “Tariff of Abomination”
• The Tariff of 1828
• Denmark Vesey led Slave rebellion
• South Carolina Exposition

“Nullies” in the South
• Columbia Convention
• Tariff of 1833
• Compromise Tariff of 1833

The Trial of Tears
• Society for Propagating the Gospel Among Indians
• Five tribes Cherokees, Creeks, Choctaws, Chickasaws and Seminoles The Bank War
• Nicholas Biddle- us Bank
• Daniel Webster and Henry Clay had Congress showing a bill to have the banks charter renewed • Jackson vetoed the bill

“Old Hickory” Wallops Clay in 1833
• The Anti-Masonic party
• Anti-Jackson party
• Jackson reelected for 1832

Burying Biddles Bank
• “Wildcat”
• Treasury to issue a Specie Circular
• Financial panic of 1837

The Election of 1836
• Martin Van Buren was with Jackson
• General William Henry Harrison was a Whig

Depression Doldrums and the Independent Treasury
• Divorce Bill
• Independent Treasury Bill

The Lone Star Rebellion
• Sam Houston
• Battle of San Jacinto

Log Cabins and Hard Cider of 1840
The Whig William Henry Harrison defeats Van Buren on 1840...
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