Chapter 11 Outline American Pageant

Topics: Thomas Jefferson, Louisiana Purchase, Aaron Burr Pages: 3 (968 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Chapter 11 Outline
I.Federalist and Republican Mudslingers
A.The Federalists labored many handicaps
1.The Alien and Sedition Acts hosted many enemies
2.The Hamiltonians split from them
3.Swelled the public debt when making unnecessary war preparations and added taxes B.John Adams became known as “the Father of the American Navy.” C.The federalists took fire on Jefferson becoming a victim of a “whispering campaign” II.The Jeffersonian “Revolution of 1800”

A.Jefferson narrowly squeaked through victory
1.The 3/5 clause of the constitution was decisive in Jefferson's victory in 1800 2.Won dead-lock with Burr because some of the Representatives hoped for moderation from Jefferson C.John Adams was the last Federalist president

D.Jefferson claimed the election a revolution
1.But the election was no revolution in the sense of a massive popular upheaval or an upending of the political system 2.Peaceful transfer of power
E.Jefferson's mission was to restore the republican experiment, to check the growth of government power, and to halt the decay of virtue set under the Federalists III.Responsibility Breeds Moderation

A.In his address, he declared that all Americans were Federalists, all were Republicans, implying that Americans were a mixture. He also pledged “honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.” B.He started the precedent of sending messages to Congress to be read by a clerk C.There were two Thomas Jeffersons

1.The scholarly private citizen who philosophized in his study 2.The harassed public official who discovered that bookish theories worked out differently in practical politics D.Jefferson dismissed few public servants for political reasons, to the dismay of his office-seeking friends IV.Jeffersonian Restraint

A.Jefferson pardoned those who were in jail under the Sedition Act, and the government cancelled many fines B.In 1802, the neutralization law of 1802 was enacted reducing the requirement of 14 years of residence...
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