Chapter 1 Exam Answers

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Chapter 1

Multiple Choice

Defining the European Realm

1.The following are statements describing the demographic and economic conditions which may be generally ascribed to the European Realm. Which one is inaccurate? A. Europe constitutes one of the great population clusters of the world. *B. Levels of economic development in Europe decline from east to west. C. Europe's population is highly urbanized.

D. European agriculture is mainly market-oriented.
E. European economies are predominantly industrial.

2.Europe’s relative location:
A. has proven inefficient for international trade
B. is one of inferior global accessibility
C. is disadvantaged by its proximity to the sea
*D. is one of centrality within the land hemisphere
E. is disadvantaged by its closeness to Australia

3.Continentality refers to:
*A. more extreme climates located inland
B. processes that have led to continental drift
C. Devolution on the European continent
D. maritime forces that affect climates in the Central Uplands E. climates located only in areas of A climates

Landscapes and Opportunities

4.The major chain of mountains in Europe is referred to as the: *A. AlpinesB. ApenninesC. Pyrenees
D. CarpathiansE. Central Uplands

5.Which of the following is not in the Western Uplands?
A. Sweden*B. SwitzerlandC. Scotland
D. IrelandE. Portugal

6.The landform region predominating in the area to the north of the Alpine chain is the: *A. Central UplandsB. Western UplandsC. North European Lowland D. Iberian LowlandE. Great Divide

7.The North European Lowland:
A.contains the mountain ranges of the Alps
*B. is the most densely populated of Europe’s landscape regions C.does not include southeastern England
D. has historically functioned as a barrier to contact and communication due to its marshy conditions E.contains the plains of Greece

Europe’s Premodern Heritage

8.Such things as roads, railroads and ports are best defined as: A. irredentismB. centripetal forces*C. infrastructure
D. devolution forcesE. none of the above

9.The geographic principle under which particular peoples and particular places concentrate on the production of particular goods is known as: A. spatial specializationB. BalkanizationC. supranationalism D. irredentism*E. areal functional specialization

Decline and Rebirth

10.The emergence of modern Europe after the Dark Ages is known as the: A. Great AwakeningB. primate city theoryC. irredentism
D. mercantalism*E. Renaissance

11.Which of the following was not an objective of mercantilism? *A. establishing Christianity throughout the world
B. the rapid accumulation of gold and silver
C. acquisition of overseas colonies
D. developing international trading ties
E. all of the above were objectives of mercantilism

The Revolutions of Modernizing Europe

12.The innermost land use ring of the von Thünen Model contains: A. the central business district of the city
B. ranching and animal products
C. a set of markets for grain crops
*D.intensive farming and dairying
E. extensive agriculture

13.Which of the following is not a feature of the original Isolated State Model? *A. the need for constant territorial growth of producing areas B. a concentric-zone spatial pattern
C. a single, centrally-located market
D. a surrounding wilderness across which no trade occurred E. all are features of the Isolated State model

14.Von Thünen in his “Isolated State” argued that five belts of human activity would develop around the central town or city. The first (or nearest) of these is: A. a belt of forest, still used for timber and firewood

B. a broad zone of increasingly extensive field crops
C. a zone of manufacturing and handcrafting
*D. a zone of intensive agriculture and dairying
E. a belt in which ranching prevails and animal products are generated

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