Chapter 03 - the Visible Pc

Topics: Equals sign, Assignment, Relational operator Pages: 2 (310 words) Published: January 19, 2013
id you remember to explain your calculation in
words, and to write in sentences? And did you
remember to use the unrounded value 1714 from
part (a), not the rounded value 1710? If you used
the rounded value, then you will have obtained the
answer 51%, which is not the answer given in the
Activity 34
See how many of the following possible
improvements you spotted – but don’t worry if you
didn’t spot them all! The author of the solution
explain the calculations in words and write in
include a conclusion for each question part,
stating the answer clearly in the context of the
include the units in part (a)
round the answer to part (a) to three
significant figures, as requested in the question
check the answer to part (b) against the given
answer of 52%, and try to find the mistake
correct the mistake – the amount of paper
recycled five years ago was 1130 tonnes, not
1714 tonnes, so the increase as a fraction of the
584 584
amount five years ago is ,not
1130 1714
write .34 as 0.34 – a decimal point should have
a digit on each side to make it easy to read –
it’s easy to mistake .34 for 34
write 0.34 as the percentage 34%, since the
question referred to the percentage rise
use equals signs correctly – see the text
following the activity.
Activity 35
The equals sign in
584 =
is used incorrectly. The fraction on the right-hand
side is not equal to 584.
The equals sign in
= .34
is also used incorrectly. The fraction on the left is
not exactly equal to 0.34, so the author of the
solution should have either used the approximately
equals sign or included the rounding precision.
That is, he or she should have written either
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