Chap 8

Topics: Employment, At-will employment, Job Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: April 20, 2012
Chapter 8 Questions
1. Using your adopted business or current place of employment as your primary example, please answer the following question. Do you think that most people are satisfied or dissatisfied with their work? What factors primarily contribute to their satisfaction or dissatisfaction? Using my current place of employment, I am going to say that I think most people are satisfied with their work. The factors that seem most important are that they enjoy the kind of work they’re doing and they do enjoy the coworkers. I think most of the people I work with would say they don’t love their job but they don’t hate it either. Most of the employees have a strong work ethic as far as being employed there many years and absenteeism is not a problem. Attitudes are not the greatest among us all of the time, but that is to be expected. 2. How can a participative management program enhance employee satisfaction at your current place of employment? In this type of program, employees are given a voice in how they do their jobs and in how the business is managed. I think this would help enhance employee satisfaction by making employees feel more committed to goals they have helped create. Morale is boosted when a commitment goes more noticed. I think employees would also feel more satisfaction because they would feel more involved and like they mattered. 3. Describe what you would tell a low-skill worker performing a simple and possible mundane task or job who wants more challenge and enjoyment from work. Using my current place of employment as an example, I would tell that specific employee to voice his/her concerns to management. If they show a sense of confidence in their performance to management, then maybe management will also have confidence allowing the employee to take on a more challenging position or task. I would also suggest to the employee to set goals for him or herself. When goals are met, there is much more satisfaction felt. 4. Some...
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