Changing the Legal Age of Getting a Tattoo or Piercing

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  • Published : May 16, 2012
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Attention Getter--> I’d like to start off by asking you a question. How many of you currently have a tattoo or piercing? How many of you would like to get a tattoo or piercing sometime in the future?

Intro--> The truth is that, according to the laws posted by the National Conference of State Legislatures, getting a tattoo or piercing done isn’t a minor’s choice. To get a tattoo or any kind of piercing, even something as normal as an ear piercing, requires parental permission and for parents to be there during the time you’re getting it. Only 2 states allow minors to decide for themselves and get body modifications without parental consent, and those two states are Tennessee and Idaho. But if it’s our bodies, why should we let anyone be able to make this decision for us? Today I’m going to show you why it’s fair for the legal tattoo/piercing age to be lowered to 16 and how getting a body modification really isn’t a big deal at all when it’s done safely. Point 1 --> When tattooing is done safely, it shouldn’t be a problem~ •The biggest argument about letting minors get tattoos and piercings is that it’ll lead to infection or medical problem because teenagers aren’t trusted enough to do it right. •- 10% of people say that finding the right tattoo artist is the biggest reason preventing them from getting a tattoo Original source:, LLC Online Poll

Alice from says that before choosing an artist, you should call them and ask a few questions like “Do you have an FDA-regulated autoclave on site? And Do you sanitize your work space with an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)-approved disinfectant, before and after each client?”

I think that, instead of making tattooing and piercing illegal for minors without parental permission, the state governments should put laws into place that require cleaner tattooing and piercing facilities and require the facilities to educate their clients, especially minors, on avoiding...
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