Changing Role of Hospitality It

Topics: Management, Information, Executive information system Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: August 19, 2012
Changing Role of Hospitality IT
Hospitality Industry information management systems have evolved since the days of handwritten paper ledgers and hotel phone operators. Modern hospitality managers such as hotel and restaurant managers have powerful tools at their disposal, which enable them to gain a complete picture in regards to the organization’s financial and operational situation with the click of a few links. The demand for hospitality services has continued to expand throughout the course of history, requiring hospitality managers to find better methods and technologies to manage the information generated by the company’s business operations. Because of the ease with which modern information systems convert data into information, managers can leverage information, which was once impossible to compile, into usable information in order to maximize returns on the company’s investments. Statability, LLC offers a product called Statability, which uses a web-based application served by an Application Service Provider (ASP), to access an organization’s hospitality management system. This paper contains an analysis of the evolving role of information technology in the hospitality industry, and how Statability provides improved management capabilities in comparison with past hospitality information systems. Statability

Statability provides corporate level management the ability to access information instantaneously from multiple hotel or restaurant locations regardless of geographical distance. Statability uses web-based technologies to gather and disseminate information to hospitality managers. Statability uses an assortment of data mining tools to mine data from hotel and restaurant hospitality systems in use worldwide (Nyheim, McFadden, & Connolly, 2005). The information contained in reports generated by the application from the data collected from the information system is available instantaneously, providing managers information to act upon immediately....
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