Changing Patterns- Growth of the Lone Parent Family

Topics: Family, Unemployment, Black people Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: June 24, 2012
Changing patterns- growth of the lone parent family

Item B states that “African Caribbean family are more likely to be single parents than other ethnic groups and whites” this is because in African Caribbean families it has a high rate of female being in charge making it a matriarchal role, lone parent black families has sometimes been seen as evidence of family disorganisation that can be traced back to slavery or more recently, high rate of unemployment among black males. Under slavery, when couples were sold separately children stayed with their mother. However Heidi Sofia Mirza (1997) argues that the higher rate of LPF among black families is not result of disorganisation, but rather reflects the high value that black women place independence.

It also argued that this established pattern of family life that persists today, also argued that male unemployment and poverty have meant that black men are less likely to provide for their family, resulting in higher rate of desertion or martial breakdown.

Item B also stated “Charles Murray 1984 blames the increase of lone parent family decency culture, created by generous Welfare benefits” Charles Murray has a new right view he sees the growth of LPF because of over generous Welfare State provides benefits for unmarried mothers with their children this idea is linked to underclass. Murray argues that this has created a ‘perverse incentive’, that is, it rewards irresponsible behaviour, such as having children without being able to provide for them. The welfare state creates a decency culture’ in which people assume that the will support them and their children. However critics of NR argue that welfare benefits are far from generous and LPF are much likely to be in poverty reasons for this are lack of affordable childcare prevents lone parents from working statics’ show that 60% of them are unemployed, inadequate welfare benefits, most lone parents are women, which mean that women generally earn less than...
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