Challenges, Opportunities, Strengths, Weaknesses and Ebi at Legal Translation Ltd

Topics: Decision making, Management, Decision theory Pages: 10 (2653 words) Published: March 30, 2012

Challenges, Opportunities, Strengths, Weaknesses and EBI at Law Exchange Ltd

Student: M Maher Al-Jarrah
Tutor: Michael Dempsy
Course: B830
Date: 12/07/2007


We have to introduce the organisation, its structure and business to be able to understand what challenges and opportunities which currently exist. Those challenges and opportunities are strongly interrelated with each other and we will discover that many of them depend on how the HRM participate in the process of decision making and in implementing decisions.

Having explained all that, it would be possible to introduce my view of my own strengths and weaknesses as a manager in dealing with these challenges and opportunities. This view should be explained and supported by evidence from different sources to make it a reasonable and convincing point of view. Furthermore, this will open the way for us to find suitable ‘gaps’ or bases to start defining the areas that are possible to be my future focus of work to start my EBI.

Organisation’s background and structure

Law Exchange Ltd. is a private sector for-profit company owned by Mrs Kronfli. Its aims and objectives are to offer translation and interpreting services for those who need them in different languages.

The total number of the full-time employees is 15. There are around seventy freelance translators/interpreters of different languages that work for the company from their homes. Dealing with those freelance translators is mainly the responsibility of the HRM department (my department).

The following chart shows the hierarchical structure of the company with the number of employees and their activities:


Challenges and Opportunities

The decision making process and the aims and objectives

The owner of the organisation aims at having a successful business that gives good profits. She has plans to expand and establish branches in other countries like the Netherlands, France, Egypt, Dubai and the USA. She is open to any suggestions, new projects (changes) if she believes that the results will give more profits. Any manger or employee can suggest anything or complain about anything, but taking decisions will depend on evaluating the results by the owner and the managers.

Challenges I face

Present evidence to the owner that the changes we intend to do will give good benefits (especially in the field of HRM because it is hard to ‘calculate’ the gains of a change financially). The owner and the managers of the company may attach different levels of value to each decision (if we apply the utility theory, the ‘weight’ criteria has to be unified to reach an agreement or take a decision) (B830, unit 2, session 1, p23). Show the owner and the other managers the importance of keeping up with the modern technological changes (especially in the field of IT). Managing across boundaries is a challenge for me because it demands great efforts for coordination, convincing, research etc. It seems that we have common aims, but we cannot agree on them (B830, unit 2, session 4, pp 21-22). Concerning the decision making process (the above-mentioned 2 challenges are also related to the process of decision making), when the managers (we) discuss issues related to changes or improvements, I feel that there are like two ‘poles’ or ‘blocs’ inside our management team: the IT manager and the HR manager on one side, the owner and the accounting manager on the other side. The marketing manager and the operations manager may take any of these two sides. I feel that there is a high ‘subjectivity’, strong bias towards the owners’ preferences, and a resistance towards changes to avoid paying the financial costs or disrupting the ‘routine’ of...
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