Challenges Faced by Hrd Professionals:

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HRD Challenges:

challenges faced by HRD professionals:

1.The Changing Nature Of Workplaces

2.Diversefindings in profilingstudies:
From a survey of the membership of this society this study identi®ed the range of professional competencies that practitioners saw as necessary to meet the demands of a changing society and their changing workplaces. The critical roles that respondents in this study nominated included: providing performance support services (which required competencies in all interventions not just training); using technology for delivery support interventions(which required competencies in technology planning and implementation); managing human performance systems (requiring an ability to apply business system skills); promoting continuous learning at individual, team and organisational levels, and managing change processes (requiring capacities with technologies that facilitate change and change management consulting)

3.Culture or attitude:
Different countries have different culture and as the world has become a global village HRD Professionals have to face the cultural challenges in different countries or with the employees belonging to the different countries. 4.Technology or skills:

The pace of technological development is very high and the new technologies are replacing the older ones quickly. Same is the case with techniques and technologies use for training. An HR professional has to upgrade his skills and knowledge to meet the requirements of the new generation. 5.Values of behaviour:

The HRD professionals have to adjust themselves to the emerging new values as principle centric leadership is becoming trend in the corporate world. Values like trust credibility timeliness and the simpler rules are becoming the corners stone of many businesses. 6.Knowledge or information:

Enhancement of knowledge is also a big challenge for HRD professional as they have to understand the different philosophies demonstrated at different...
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