Ch 9 Criminal Justice Administration

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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1)What factors contribute to the correctional populations? What impact do drug laws have on them? a.Truth-in-sentencing laws have contributed to the increase as well as failure to rehabilitate. The increase and crack down on drug related laws have contributed a significant portion of the population. 2)What are some of the major administrative positions within a prison system? a.Some of the major administrative positions are prison director, public affairs coordinator, legislative liason, legal advisors, internal affairs representative, health care professionals, correctional program professionals, and human management. 3)How do supermax prisons operate differently from other prisons? What concearns have been raised concerning the alleged effects on inmates, constitutionality, and public safety. a.Supermax prisons operate differently in the way they have to secure the prison and prisoner, and house them in solitary cells. Concearns that have been raised are things like the condition of confinement, there is no safety cushion provided these criminals escape, psychological harm from the way they are housed, and medical conditions. 4)What are at least five of the major U.S. Supreme Court decisions affording rights to prisoners? a.Ruffun v. Commonweath, Turner v. Safley, Cooper V. Pate, Johnson V. Avery, and Bounds V. Smith are all cases affording rights to prisoners. 5) When and how did such decisions serve to end the hands-off doctrine? a.They started in 1871 and they served to end the doctrine by proving that inmates should not entirely be derived from the constitution. 6)What is a direct supervision jail, and how does it differ in the design and function from traditional jails? a.A direct supervision jail is a new face on the old way of jails. It differs by physical environment, separating officer from inmate, allowing officers to have a direct line of sight, and softer furniture. 7)Why was the Prison Litigation Reform Act enacted, and has it made...
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