Ch 6 Notes

Topics: E-mail, Transmission Control Protocol, OSI model Pages: 4 (1099 words) Published: November 15, 2012
Chapter 6 – Network Servers

6.1.1 Client/Server Relationships|
| 1.| What is a server?| A host running a software application that provides info or services to other hosts connected to the network. | | 2.| What factor is crucial to enabling complex interactions?| They all use agreed standards and protocols | | 3.| What is a client?| Name given used a device that is running web client software | | 4.| What is the key characteristic of client/server systems?| Client sends a request to a server and the server responds by carrying out a function.| | 5.| What is the most commonly used instance of a client/server system?| Combination of a web browser and web server | Activity|

6.1.2 Role of Protocols in Client/Server Communication|
| 6.| What does HTTP define?| Hypertext transfer protocol It uses a method to transfer or convey info on the world wide web | | 7.| What is the transport protocol that manages the individual conversations between web servers and web clients?| TCP transmission control protocol | | 8.| What else does TCP provide?| It provides flow control and acknowledgement of packets exchanged bw host | | 9.| What is the most common internetwork protocol?| Internet protocol IP | | 10.| What is IP responsible for?| Taking the formatted segments from TCP, assigning the the local addressing, and encapsulating them into packets 4 routing to destination host | | 11.| What governs how the bits are represented on the media, how the signals are sent over the media, and how they are interpreted by the receiving hosts?| The standards and protocols | 6.1.3 TCP and UDP Transport Protocols|

| 12.| What are the two most common transport protocols?| TCP(transmission control protocol) and UDP(user datagram protocol)| | 13.| What protocol is used when an application requires acknowledgment that a message is delivered?| TCP | | 14.| What type of system is UDP?| Best effort...
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