Ch 6 Job Analysis

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Chapter 6

Job Analysis


1.A job is a group of positions.

Answer: TruePage: 206Easy

2.A task is an identifiable unit of work activity produced through the application of a composite of methods, procedures, and techniques.

Answer: TruePage: 206Easy

3.A duty is several distinct tasks that are performed by an individual to complete a work activity.

Answer: TruePage: 206Moderate

4.A job is a combination of occupations based on the skills, effort, and responsibilities required by the jobs.

Answer: FalsePage: 206Moderate

5.A job analysis is the process of systematically collecting information about jobs.

Answer: TruePage: 207Moderate

6.Abilities refer to the physical and mental capacities needed to perform tasks requiring the use of tools, equipment, and machinery.

Answer: FalsePage: 207Difficult

7.Job-analysis methods are standardized and cannot be designed to fit any one particular organization's jobs.

Answer: FalsePage: 207Difficult

8.It is possible to perform a job analysis that yields information about the worker requirements and the job requirements.

Answer: TruePage: 207Moderate

9.To reduce any anxiety employees may be experiencing, communication is not relevant.

Answer: FalsePage: 209Easy

10.Managers should not consider using a number of different methods of data collection because it is unlikely that any number of methods will provide all the necessary information needed for a job analysis.

Answer: FalsePage: 210Difficult

11.One specific job analysis method that uses observation is the critical incident method.

Answer: TruePage: 211Moderate

12.The job-element method of job analysis produces worker-specific information.

Answer: FalsePage: 213Difficult

13.The Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ) is primarily used with managerial jobs.

Answer: FalsePage: 216Moderate

14.The Common-Metric Questionnaire (CMQ) is designed to be useful for any job exclusively for only one organization.

Answer: FalsePage: 216Difficult

15.A job description describes the qualifications of the person required to perform the job.

Answer: FalsePage: 218Moderate

16.DOT stands for Dictionary of Occupational Titles.

Answer: TruePage: 220Easy

17.A job specification describes the activities of the job.

Answer: FalsePage: 220Moderate

18.ADA prohibits employers from discriminating against qualified individuals with disabilities.

Answer: TruePage: 221Moderate

19.Job analysis is concerned with only current and past methods of performing the job.

Answer: FalsePage: 222Easy

20.Job analysis can be used to identify training and development needs, but not selection needs.

Answer: FalsePage: 222Moderate

Multiple Choice

21.What was the primary reason Whirlpool needed to conduct a job analysis?

a.computerization of their distribution system
b.development of effective recruitment strategies
c.restructuring of their headquarters
d.revision of pay schedules based on labor dispute

Answer: aPage: 203Difficult

22.Whirlpool used ________ as a way of identifying what knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) that were needed in the computerized distribution system.

a.job analysis
b.job enrichment
c.job rotation
d.job specification
e.job description

Answer: aPage: 203Moderate

23.If employees are too uninvolved in the job-analysis process,

a.inflation of duties may occur.
b.anxiety will be decreased.
c.valuable information will be missed.
d.the process will become too expensive.
e.the process will most likely never be completed.

Answer: cPage: 205Moderate

24.The use of multiple methods to collect job analysis data provides a means of

a.cross-checking the accuracy of...
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