Center State Relation in India

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Center State Relation
Center-State relations means the relations between Center and it's units where there exist Federal System. It is of great importance in a country like India constrained by regionalism, religion, uneven development, demand for autonomy, identity politics, competing political interests, caste and race. Gopal Krishna Gokhale was the first person who proposed for devolution of financial authority among Provinces under Decentralisation Commission in 1908. In January 1947, Union Powers Committee (Nehru as Chairman) submitted its first report on April 17, 1947, outlining the scheme of distribution of powers between the Union Govt. and the provinces. The Govt. of India Act 1935 proposed to set up a federal polity in India, with a central government and the Provinces deriving their jurisdiction and powers by direct devolution from the Crown. Article 1 of Indian Constitution describes India as a “Union of State”. In the Constitution, the classification of Centre-State relation is inside the Three Points-

1-Legislative Relations
Article 245 to 255 contain a charter of the distribution of legislative powers between the Union and the States. There are three types of lists in the Seventh Schedule of constitution; i.e. Union List (eg. Security, war, Citizenship, post, finance), State List (eg. Law and order, justice, Jail, Police, Irrigation, Health) and Concurrent List (eg. Education, Marriges, penal code, Criminal and Civil) consisting of 97, 66 and 47 items respectively. Union Parliament have jurisdiction to make laws in regard to items in the Union List. The State legislation has exclusive powers power to make laws in respect of items in the State List. On the matter of Concurrent List both Union and State legislatures could legislate on its Items. State Govt. can not legislate on the subjects of Union Govt. but Union can make laws on State subjects in certain Circumstances. Like, If the subject of State list is National Interest OR If the state...
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