Celta Pre Course Assignment

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In what context will you be doing the CELTA course?

As a candidate I will be attending a full time course, for which the gender maybe mixed, but at present I am only aware of the male candidates whom I met at the school interview.

As a relatively small open group, our educational and employment backgrounds will be mixed but with all 12 candidates having met the schools requirements and received an acceptance letter. All candidates have the same interest to teach English as a foreign language.

The group will be taught in English but that does not confirm its monolingual status, due to the possibility of international students. Part of the CELTA course involves practical class room teaching, and these group lessons will more than likely be multilingual learners of mixed age and gender.

Do you know what context you will be teaching in after you finish the course?

Having previously taught at a private language school in Thailand I am familiar with the numerous part time courses they offer, the relatively small classes, and the mixed scenarios for a monolingual society.

I anticipate similar when I return or seek similar employment within China or the EU. These scenarios being:

Evening groups for companies. These classes consisting of mixed gender / similar ability. (Business English & General English)

Open weekend classes for children of mixed gender with similar ability. (Grammar)

Open weekend classes for professionals of a mixed background, age, gender. These groups usually feature the widest range of reasons for wanting to learn.

One-to-one lessons, Primarily for TOEIC exams.


Why did you decide to teach adults?

During my first teaching experiences as an ALT in the UK and an ESL Teacher in Thailand the majority of my students were adults, with the exception of weekend children classes.

Based on these experiences I have found adult classes easier to manage as they require less discipline. ....
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