Cell Phone and Face-to-Face Communication

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Rotary dial Pages: 3 (1004 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Cell Phone and Face-To-Face Communication
“A whole new way to communicate has swept the nation and taken many along for the ride. The USA text message statistics have increased even within the last year: More text messages are sent by phone than phone calls” (Nicole). Before technology advanced, people dialed a number and had a verbal conversation. For people use to hand-write letters to friends across the country, something we now call “snail mail”. Since technology, society tends to be in a hurry. It seems more people opt to send a quick text, instead of having a verbal conversation or jotting down their thoughts on paper. This is just a glimpse into how communication is rapidly evolving. Which raises a question as to the cons of verbal communication and technological communication? One investigation states that, ‘The latter finding might be explained by the fact that users of SMS communication with poor social skill report that this means of communication is less anxiety producing than more traditional forms” (Bonds-Raacke). One might interpret this texting (SMS) as a door way for people to discuss topics that would normally make them anxious. Another person might interpret this as creating an even bigger barrier for people with poor social skills. It seems to be a pro or con depending on who you are asking an opinion of. Our society has become so driven on wanting things to get done quickly. “Another recent trend in society, directly tied to the increase in technology is the need for speed” (Hu). People don’t want to mail a letter, leave a voice message or drive to a house to see how a friend is doing. Yet before cell phones, that’s what people had to do to keep in contact. It wasn’t always a quick method, but it worked. Now society appears to have become impatient and lazy. According to Trevor S. Hu, in his article called A Hurting Society, that because of cell phones we will become “a society of isolated people, stuck indoors, glued to a screen, losing...
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