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Six Month Cell Growth Plan

INTRODUCTION INDUCTION CELL MEETING MONTH 1: Laying the Foundation for Growth MONTH 2: Preparing the Ground for Growth MONTH 3: Sowing the Seed MONTH 4: Reaping the Harvest – 4 Evangelistic Evenings MONTH 5: Receiving New Believers – 4 Consolidation Studies MONTH 6: Celebrating Success

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APPENDICIES I: Ice Breakers II: Getting the Most Out of Cell Participation III: Removing Barriers to Belief IV: Holding A Half Night of Prayer V: Cell Communion 77 78 81 88 89



This is a master plan to grow your open cell in 6 months. Cell Church studies have shown that if a cell does not grow within the first 6 months it stagnates and remains a small, struggling cell group. The very essence of cell life is multiplication - as biology shows us. If a cell is not growing then it is not a living cell at all. This growth plan is designed both for new cells and for the re-purposing of existing cells that are not growing as they should. There are many reasons why cell groups do not grow. Here are some of them: • • • • • Irregular meetings – cell groups that are not held weekly fall back and do not advance. Meeting in the church building – this should be avoided as it goes against the cell principle. Cells meet midweek and outside the church building. Otherwise, the message we signal is that church is about “come and see” rather than “go, show and tell”. Lack of planning and preparation – the cells should have a structured programme and the leader cannot fail to plan ahead. Inward-looking cells do not grow – cells are not cosy fellowship groups, but dynamic bundles of energy reaching out at all times to the lost. Lack of prayer – prayer is the single most important factor in growth. There are many things you must do after you have prayed, but nothing can be achieved until you have prayed.

The 6 Months Cell Growth Plan provides exactly the structure a new cell needs in order to grow. It has been constructed by the Primary 12 teams and you are asked to stick to it faithfully. There is, however, a degree of flexibility built in so that each cell leader can personalise the cell meetings to suit the needs of each cell group.

It is vitally important for the cell leader not to lose sight of the goal to build the cell members and to grow the cell. Record attendance, absences, cell member’s needs and the results of the Bible Discussions each week. Make sure that absent cell members are called and visited so that no one falls behind. This is the work of the shepherd. Each cell leader should have a Group of 3 who act as assistants to help pastor the cell members. Usually one of these will be the assistant leader who will lead the cell in case of unavoidable absence of the cell leader.

The cell leader must present to the whole cell the growth goal for that cell. This should be presented early on in the life of the cell and kept under review throughout the 6 months: 1. In 6 month’s time (by date___________) this cell will have grown from what? ________ to what? ________ (at least double what it is now). 2. In 6 month’s time every cell member will have progressed at least one step on the Ladder of Success.


It is important to stick to a definite timetable during each cell meeting. No open cell meeting should last more than one and a half hours. This is because there is much more to be done each time than the simple cell meeting agenda – friendship building, consolidation, counselling, etc. Before each cell meeting, the cell leader (together with his or her Group of 3) should pray, seeking God for his blessing on the meeting. Here is a guide to the cell meeting time table: (Pre-cell prayer) Welcome, Refreshments, Ice-breaker Worship Word Vision Building Prayer Chill Time TOTAL

15 mins 10 mins 30 mins 10 mins 10 mins 15 mins 90 mins

For a new cell and...
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