Celebrations and Memories Ltd (Cml) Case Exam Mark Assessment Guide

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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May 2008 Case Examination
Celebrations and Memories Ltd. (CML)
Markers use a scale of 0 to 10 in assessing the components, according to the following guidelines: General Assessment
Number Scale
AE—Above Expectations
9, 10
ME—Meets Expectations
6, 7, 8
BE—Below Expectations
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
NA—Not Addressed
Markers must mark each of the attributes and competencies globally. Judgment must be used in assessing the competencies exhibited in the candidate’s response and assigning a mark for each competency. Guidelines for weighting the various attributes are indicated throughout the assessment guide. Note: In addressing any of the issues, indicating that the issue “needs to be resolved” or “further investigated” is not credited for analyzing and resolving the issue. F1. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT

In assessing F1, attribute b) should be given the greatest weight. a) Situational Analysis:
The situational analysis is appropriate for the strategic alternatives and business issues being addressed (good quality, depth, breadth, and make sense). It includes internal and external scans, a financial assessment of the company’s current state, and other relevant qualitative information not provided in the high level SWOT in the Backgrounder (e.g. strategic goals, stakeholder preferences, constraints, other SWOT points, KSFs/competitive advantages, and ratios). AE = Good quality – makes sense, includes the main relevant qualitative points, and provides a financial assessment; ME = Acceptable quality – includes relevant qualitative data and a financial assessment; may contain some minor errors (e.g. some irrelevant data are included, some relevant data are excluded, some relevant data are categorized incorrectly); BE = The quality of the situational analysis is not appropriate; NA = No attempt to scan the environment or analyze the current situation. CMA Canada 1

b) Strategic Aspects of Analysis and Integration:
The analysis of the strategic alternatives is reasonable and integration is demonstrated to a reasonable degree. Examples of integrative thinking include the following (among others): • Considering the cause and effect relationship between SWOT items and strategic alternatives. • Considering the implications of one issue or alternative on another. • Indicating how the recommended strategy takes advantage of strengths and opportunities while mitigating weaknesses and avoiding threats. AE = Appropriate analysis of at least three strategic alternatives and reasonable integration (more than 10 clear and distinct integrative points); ME = Acceptable analysis of at least two strategic alternatives and acceptable integration (7-10 clear and distinct integrative points); BE = Unacceptable analysis and/or unacceptable integration;

NA = Does not attempt to analyze any of the strategic alternatives. c) Implementation Plan:
The recommended implementation plan
• Identifies tasks, provides realistic timelines for completing these tasks, matches the tasks to the appropriate individuals, and considers the resources required (what, who, when, resources); • Aligns the organization’s resources and success factors to accomplish the recommended strategy; • Resolves problems without causing others (e.g. addresses the minor issues, overcomes cons of recommended strategies); and • Considers organizational implications, e.g. change management, organizational structure, morale, the role of functions such as distribution, IT, accounting, sales, purchasing, etc. AE = Good implementation plan;

ME = Reasonable implementation plan;
BE = Implementation plan is not reasonable;
NA = No attempt to provide an implementation plan.
CMA Canada 2
In assessing F2, attribute a) should be given the greatest weight. a) Internal and External Risks:
Risks are identified and appropriately used in the analysis of strategic alternatives, or resolved in the implementation plan (e.g. recommend procedures...
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