Ccna Lan Switching and Wireless Study Guide Chapter 2

Topics: MAC address, Network switch, Access control Pages: 4 (658 words) Published: November 12, 2011
Chapter 1 Study Guides.

1.What are the three layers of the hierarchical network design model?

- access
- distribution
- core
Access, distribution and core.
2.What are the advantages of designing LANs using the hierarchical model?

- scalability
- redundancy
- performance
- security
- manageability
- maintenanceand the network (scalability), and it should be easier to maximise performance. 3.What is the purpose of the access layer?

- to provide a means of connecting devices to the network and controlling which ones are allowed. It allows end devices toconnect to the network and controls which devices may connect 4.What sort of devices are found at the access layer?

- PC’s, faxes, printers, WAP’s, routers, switches, hubs

5.What is the purpose of the distribution layer?

- aggregates data received from access layer switches before it is transmitted to core layer.

6.What sort of devices are found at the distribution layer?

- switches

7.What is the purpose of the core layer?

- interconnectivity between distribution layer devices, so it is important for the core to be highly available and redundant

8.What is a collapsed core model and where might it be used?

- in small networks where the distribution layer and core layer are combined into one layer.

9.What is a wiring closet?

- an area where the hardware is held and the electrical connections are made.

10.Why is it not easy to see the logical hierarchical design of a network when looking at the network layout in a building?

- because the physical layout of a network differs from the logical layout.

11.Why is redundancy important in a network?

- If one switch fails there is another route which increases availability

12.Which layers normally have redundancy built in?

- the core and distribution

13.How can the hierarchical design help to give high performance?

- traffic is appropriately routed through the network at each level....
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