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  • Published: February 6, 2013
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INFORMATION SHEET NO. 1: What is Visual Basic?4
INFORMATION SHEET NO. 2: The Visual Basic Environment5
INFORMATION SHEET NO. 3: Common Visual Basic Controls11
Setting properties to a TextBox12
Operations Sheet No. 1: Opening Visual Basic 614
Operation Sheet No. 2: Saving in Visual Basic 6.016
Operations Sheet No. 3: Closing Visual Basic 6.017
Operations Sheet No. 4: Inserting Object in Visual Basic 6.018 INFORMATION SHEET NO. 4: Variables20
Explicit Declaration20
Using Option Explicit statement20
Scope of variables21
Local Variables21
Static Variables21
Module Levele Variables22
Public vs Local Variables23
INFORMATION SHEET NO. 5: Datatypes, Modules and Operators24 Modules24
Data types in Visual Basic 624
Operators in Visual Basic25
INFORMATION SHEET NO. 6: Control Structures28
If...Then selection structure28
If...Then...Else selection structure28
Nested If...Then...Else selection structure28
Select...Case selection structure30
INFORMATION SHEET NO. 7: Looping structures31
Do While... Loop Statement31
While... Wend Statement31
Do...Loop While Statement31
Do Until...Loop Statement31
The For...Next Loop32
With...End With statement33
INFORMATION SHEET NO. 8: Function and Procedures35
Sub Procedures35
Event Procedures35
General Procedures36
Function Procedures37
Property Procedures37
INFORMATION SHEET NO. 9: Control Arrays38
Sharing Event Procedures38
Creating Controls at Run Time40
Iterating on the Items of a Control Array43
Arrays of Menu Items44
INFORMATION SHEET NO. 10: Database Terminology46
OPERATION SHEET NO. 3: Creating Database Using Add-ins49
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