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Cat Preparation Guide

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Cat Preparation Guide

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IIM Ahmedabad Group Discussion Topics
Case 1:
Johnson is the head of RND dept of a MNPC pharmaceutical company. ‘Dosage’ is the supplier of liquid glucose, which is a raw material for a product. It is found that this glucose forms hazy "fungus" like substance which is not actually fungus. Whether it is harmful is not known. ‘Dosage’ is most renowned supplier and has a very good past record. There are other 2 suppliers who are not dependable and are new suppliers, but have a liquid glucose supply, which doesn’t form the hazy substance. Johnson studies the samples of all 3 suppliers and finds 2 of the new suppliers satisfactory and is wondering why Dosage didn’t inform MNPC about this hazy substance. What decision should Johnson take?

Case 2:
Sameer wants to have a famous rock group perform on the last day of his college cultural festival, of which he is in charge . His college Director thinks that there will be trouble because the rock band is very famous, but Sameer persists and Director though, not in favour, agrees. The Director refuses to to be held responsible for any chaos. If anything goes wrong, the blame will rest on Sameer’s head and there will be no more fests for the college. On the night of the rock show, the band’s flight arrives late, there is a traffic jam, and it’s already very late. A 10,000 strong crowd is waiting for them. Sameer calls up SP and asks for road clearance for the band, SP agrees but needs Director’s approval for it. What should Sameer do?

Case 3:
How should management students manage their time between academics and extra curricular activities? Case 4:
Govind runs a sweet shop. He has been supplying milk and other ingredients from friends for 57 years. He believes in quality of the product. There are price raises but he insists on quality and gives in to the price raises to maintain quality. One fine day, his son, Amit takes over this business. Being a commerce student, he calculates that most of the profits are wasted in...

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