Cast Away Essay

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Cast away notes

An understanding of a physical journey is one which a person goes through physical as well as emotional obstacles and experiences, with the end result being a new image or view on life. The Adventures of huckleberry fin, The road not taken and Cast away show the concept of the Journey to be so much more than a simple movement from one place to another – it is a challenging and unpredictable learning process which shapes who we are and the world in which we live.

In relation to “ The road not Taken” The 2000 movie Castaway shows the decision one man needs to make to determine the way he wants his life to turn out, and which path/decisions he needs to make to achieve this.

“Cast Away” directed by Robert Zemeckis, explores the physical and inner journey of Chuck Nolanda, who was a FedEx executive delivering goods, the plane crashed by a lighting storm and now, Chuck must transform himself physically and emotionally to survive the challenges that lay ahead on the deserted island a he is the only survivor. He needs to find a away to attract attention and help. Camera angle and sound create the intense rush and thriller for the film.

Through out the film, “close up” is being used consistently being no higher than Chuck's shoulder height. This angle helps the audience to feel closer to Chuck and how he is feeling by being involved in what is happening to him, during the physical journey. The use of fast camera movement give you a headache as you can imagine the feel of the bumps and bashes Chuck is going through.

The noise of the plane as it descends creates a creepy feeling for the viewers. A mixture of engine noise and wind howling throughout the plane become the main sound heard blocking out most surrounding noises, e.g. The voices of the crew and the crashing noise of objects flying round. Which creates a very frightening yet unreal atmosphere, This scary sound is also shown when he is alone at night you hear the howling...
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