Casio Smart Watch

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1.0 Introduction Company Background
Casio is a company that creates and manufacture technology product. Since 1949, Casio has developed their first calculators, and Casio is not only developing electronic calculators but in 1954 Casio have involve in to the watch industrial. From 1954 until today Casio has entered to watch industrial for 59years, and because of the technology advance nowadays, Casio has develop the new product call “SmartWatch”. (Casio, 2013) 1.1 SmartWatch (Main Features& Benefits)

The reason Casio develop this watch is nowadays the criminal case in the world is increase. The feature of SmartWatch is as bellow: Personal Safety Tracker| * When the users facing criminal situation such as kidnapping, this SmartWatch which has connection to the police station, enable the user to send out their current location by activating the emergency tracking button.This is very useful and convenient whereby user can manage to make the first emergency help to ensure for the police to arrive in the scene in time without wasting time to search for the location. * As for the parents, they could track their lost children through this feature effortlessly.This able to benefit for the parents to ensure where exactly their children are being without any of extra concern. This can also benefits the user prevent from being victims especially those users are very young in the age. Criminal cases appear all the time.| Personal Health Care| * The users are able to monitor their temperature, blood pressure and heart-beating rate from the monitor system and when the overall health status is degrading it will notify the users in order to take concern on their body.To engage of body`s temperature to identify it`s consciousness towards the level of normal heart beating. * The users could make the direct call to the call centre of the central hospital when they require emergency medical treatment for the disease such as the heart-attack or asthma. * This function will have the direct notification set through the central hospital to enhance the services of its priority right towards customer`s need.|

2.0 Situation Analysis
2.1 Internal Factor
2.1.1 Strengths R&D Expertise Helped Create Innovation:
Casio is the company that can always develop new product and new idea that doesn’t exist in the market. Besides, with continuous R&D efforts, Casio able to provide highly-customized innovations and technology in our product and because of these strengths Casio has created the world first watch that is not only for time but also protect the personal safety. (Casio, 2013) Making Use of the Technology Advancement:

Continually, Casio insists on the use of the most innovative technology for its business as to develop the competitive advantage in surviving in the fast-changing Technology. In turn, with more money to invest in R&D technology, Casio Company will continue to grow more rapidly than ever before. This creating more sustainably profitable revenue and a stronger position in the technology industry. (Casio, 2013) Providing Complete Customer Satisfaction:
Casio Company is committed to providing complete Customer Satisfaction; the majority of our business comes from client referrals, as well as recommendations by Architects and Engineers, because every product as well as every client is treated with the most care and respect. These are done through our company specialized CRM software in which we collecting the feedback from consumers as to measure the satisfaction level as well as the solution effectiveness. And also Casio have strong brand image because Casio have more than 50years history of manufacture watch, so customer will have more confident on our product. (Casio, 2013)

2.1.2 Weaknesses Huge Start-up Capital
Short of huge start-up capital might be biggest limitations of Casio; it limits the Casio capabilities in manufacturing the final ideas of products through...
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