Casino Plan

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Lotus Valley (Tanzania) Limited

Business Plan

Registered Address:

Ekacliff building

Balewa Street, P.O Box 2530, Mwanza

28th February 2013.

Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary

1. Business Owner (s) & Product / Service

2. Mission Statement

3. Company Structure

4. Current Opportunity

5. Target Markets

6. Financial Summary

II. Market Analysis

1. Present Operators

2. Future Projects

3. Competition

4. Target Profile

III. Marketing Strategy and advertisement

IV. Operations Plan

1. Location

2. Operation

3. Employees

4. Casino Area

5. Gaming Offered

6. Cashless System

7. Financial and Legal Service

8. Surveillance Department

9. Casino Management System

V. Financial Plan

1. Preopening and start up Budget

2. Cash flow projects

VI. Casino flow project

VII. Casino Plan

VIII. Employee forecast

I. Executive Summary

1. Business Owner(s) & Product/Service

i. Joker Africa operates and owns great number of casinos through the Dar Es Salaam, at the moment operates 16 casinos around all areas of the Dar Es Salaam.In areas such as: Africa Sana, Buguruni, Mbagala, Banana, Madukani, Kumikucha, Magomeni, Manzese, Tip Top, Ilala, Namanga, Mnananyamala, Tandale, Kariakoo, Tameke, Kinondoni.

In Joker Africa company today operates approximately 170 employees and around 40 fully qualified and trained employees pending until opening of big casinos.

2. Mission Statement

• Chain of the Joker Africa casinos within 6 month of the operation already proved to our customers’ exceptional service and high quality Slot Machines. Our mission to identify customers need and wants this is exactly what will help our company to grow and extend, but not only in Dar Es Salaam, also in Mwanza and Arusha.

• Our mission to open in Dar Es Salaam 1 casinos and 8 gaming halls, in Mwanza 1 casinos and 2 gaming halls and in Arusha 1 casinos and 1 gaming hall.

3. Company Structure

• Joker Africa will be operated by “Lotus Valley Tanzania” This company has already been incorporated by our lawyer Melchisedeck S. Lutema, Managing Partner, Asyla Attorneys

• Chain of the Joker Africa casinos in Dar Es Salaam, Arusha, Mwanza will be supervised and controlled by executive management team with experience not less than 10 years in gaming industry.

4. Current Opportunity

i. Earlier this year some of Joker Africa executive management team visited Mwanza and Arusha. After detailed research our management have identified high level of profit can be gained from those cities:

Those cities were chosen for several reasons:

I. Central location of our casinos

II. Big population with high income (potential customers)

III. Low level of crime (people feel safe on streets even at night time)

IV. A lot of mining companies

V. Great intensity of tourists

VI. Location of our casinos surrounded by hotels, clubs and restaurants

VII. Only 1 casino in each City (low level of competitors)

5. Target Markets

• Chain of Joker Africa casinos a part from attracting some regular casino visitors from other casinos will mainly be interested in developing new clients with unique marketing and promotional approach.

• Joker Africa will be looking to attract all visitors’ tour tourists and businessmen (local and international) with their casino and entertainment package.

6. Financial Summary

• Total amount of estimate start up costs for Mwanza..

• Total amount of estimate start up costs for Arusha..

• Total amount of estimate continuous growth in Dar Es...
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