Casino Coin Handling Case

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Casino Coin Handling Processes Case

1. Draw a diagram of the drop process. Show how long it will take to empty 300 silver dollar slot machines. Drop Process –

To empty 300 silver dollar slot machines –

Getting the slot machine cabinet keys will only need to be done one time, and will take 15 minutes. Retrieving the 300 drop buckets will take 3,000 minutes, since it takes 10 minutes to retrieve 1 bucket. To empty 300 slot machines, the casino will need 15 carts, holding 20 buckets each. It takes 30 minutes to deliver each cart, so it will take 450 minutes to deliver the 15 carts. In total, it will take 3,465 minutes (or 57.75 hours) to empty 300 silver dollar slot machines. This is under the assumption that only one team is used for the drop process.

2. Draw a diagram of the hard count process. How long should this process take to complete for 300 silver dollar slot machines. Assume that each slot machine has an average of 750 silver dollars when it is emptied. Hard Count Process



To complete 300 silver dollar slot machines (750 silver dollars in each bucket) –



The first step is to test the weigh scale, assuming the scale test is okay, this will take 10 minutes. Next the casino will weigh and record the value of each bucket. This takes 7 minutes per bucket, so it will take 2,100 minutes for 300 buckets. There are 25 coins per roll when silver dollars are wrapped. The team is able to roll 10 rolls per minute. Assuming there are 750 silver dollars per bucket, and 25 coins per roll, there will be a total of 30 rolls per bucket. With 300 buckets, and 30 rolls per bucket, there is a total of 9,000 rolls. Since the team is able to roll 10 rolls per minute, rolling 9,000 rolls will take 900 minutes. After this the team will can the rolls of silver dollars. There are 40 rolls per can, so 225 cans are needed for the 9,000 rolls. The team is able to can the rolls at 1 can every 5 minutes, so it will take the team 1,125 minutes to...
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